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"Daysies" Bamboo Day Nappies - All Sizes

Our SHP popular plain and patterned fitted "Daysies" made by us have been around a long time and are the preferred choice by many mothers who want a natural nappy with no synthetic fabric, and especially for babies with allergies and heavy wetters. They are suitable for daywear with 8 layers of Unbleached Bamboo Fleece / Organic Cotton in the larger sizes- 2 full body layers of Bamboo/OC fleece, a figure of eight 3 layer booster and an oblong 3 layer booster of Bamboo /OC. The smalls have a lay-in booster of 3 layers of either Bamboo / Organic Cotton Fleece.
Our SHP boosters in the Booster sub-category can be used with these Daysies for extra absorbency. These nappies could also be used as night nappies in light wetters or younger babies with a wool cover. They are quick Quick-drying and durable with NO SYNTHETIC FABRICS. To choose prints email me for current availability and or/ check out our Facebook page if you visit there for samples of fabrics previously used that may still be available. Use the Custom order section below to order quantity. Also the Daysies boosters are interchangeable with the Sandman night nappies

Sizing approximately-

Small- Newborn to 7.5kg or approx 6 months
Medium- 7-10 kg or from approx 6months
Large- 9-15kg or from approx 12 months
Extra-Large- Over 15 kg
Please check sizing with me if you are unsure, and you can provide the info of whether bub is tall average or short in height for their age and whether they are slim, average or chubby also give me a good guide to sizing accurately. We can vary the rise (height) of the nappy if need be.

An absolute "Show off" nappy but with the benefits of absorbency, breathability, durability and sustainability using the natural fibres of Bamboo.

We recommend wool as a waterproof cover for sleeps, and in Winter. In summer they can run around without a cover. You can find out more about this cute natural alternative in the wool cover section of the website. Daysies do have plenty of layers so are very absorbent but the best thing is that they are made from all all natural fibres. We do however include a complimentary microfleece liner for use at your discretion that can be placed at the back of the nappy for extra layer protection or if your baby has no sensitivities, great for when poos are expected and during teething, as the microfleece had a stay dry action and anti-poo properties for want of a better description!!.

To dispel a myth that seems to exist about fitteds and covers, a fitted nappy (Which is what our Daysies are in cloth nappy terminology) is made of all natural fabric generally with no PUL. Just because it doesn't have PUL doesn't mean it necessarily needs a a cover all of the time, especially at home and especially during Summer. If the nappy has plenty of absorbency in it it takes a long while for the nappy to feel damp on the outside. If you want it to last longer, with our daysies, you can add an extra booster and sometimes the amount of time it takes to get to the outside is longer than it takes for a PUL nappy to need changing. I see so many girls passing on nappies because they think that without PUL you need to use a cover all the time. PUL-less fitted nappies are great in Summer and great for a preventative against rashes and allergies.

WHY WE DON'T USE PUL (polyurethane laminate) in our nappies for waterproofing
*Petrochemical based product so unsustainable use of oil in manufacturing
*Not as durable as all natural fibres so will deteriorate over time. PUL does not like heat
*Temperature regulation between bubs legs using PUL, does not equal natural fibre abilities to regulate heat so more prone to heat rash on hot days
* More prone to allergies due to the synthetic nature of PUL and the textile chemicals in its production and make-up
* A nappy is only as absorbent as the fabric behind the PUL so if there isn't alot of fabric layers than the excess wee will leak out of the sides when fabric is soaked
* Baby doesn't feel wetness on the outside- so can take longer to toilet train
*Nappies may not be changed as frequently as they should if outside is dry
* Wool does a better job as a waterproofing agent- absorbs and waterproofs while the natural lanolin deodorises and neutralises wee via a chemical reaction- Amazing stuff!!
* A Nappy made with PUL will never fully biodegrade at the end of its life

We've made thousands of nappies over the years these are just a snapshot. Make your baby's bum a BABY FRIENDLY, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FASHION STATEMENT .

"Born of Nature" Unbleached Universal Size Bamboo / Organic Cotton Fleece Nappy Booster
CUSTOM ORDERS- EXTRA LARGE Couture and Natural Bamboo "Daysies" Day Nappies
Price as Low as: $31.00
CUSTOM ORDERS- LARGE Couture and Natural Bamboo "Daysies" Day Nappies
Price as Low as: $29.00
CUSTOM ORDERS- MEDIUM Couture and Natural Bamboo "Daysies" Day Nappies
Price as Low as: $27.00
CUSTOM ORDERS NEWBORN_SMALL Couture and Natural Bamboo "Daysies"
Price as Low as: $19.00
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